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Pascals College offers three different types of educational provision:

  • Educational Services
  • Professional Services
  • Tutorial and Revision Classes

Educational Services

This is ideal for local students who are able to commute to and from college each day. This programme offers the following:

  • A Level - Full and Revision Courses
  • AS Level - Full and Revision Courses
  • IGCSE - Full and Revision Courses
  • Common Entrance Examination Preparation

Professional Services

This range of bespoke courses will suit those who need special or more focused training. Courses currently on offer are:

  • IT
  • Computing
  • CAD
  • Art and Design
  • Textiles and Fashion

Saturday Tutorial Courses

These are offered to students who require extra tuition or specialised classes. Courses currently on offer are:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • KS3 - SATS Preparation
  • Starter ICT courses
  • Common Entrance Examination Preparation
  • Summer Schools

Revision Courses - All Levels

These are offered to all students who need to resit examinations and are offered at various times of the year.

Please contact the Director of Studies on Tel: 020 8663 6733 or email the college at admin@pascalscollege.co.uk for further information about all courses.

All Design courses which include Fashion, Textiles, Art and Design, are offered in conjunction with The Sinclair Consultancy please email info@sinclairconsultancy.co.uk or visit the website.

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