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A small unique college we offer a range of subjects from IGCSE to A level.

The college’s aim is to offer courses that “fit” the student. With this in mind students are given focused guidance in choosing a course of study that meets their requirements and are either prerequisites for university entry, hobbies, general interests or required for professional development.

Students can attend full time: 15+ hours per week
Part-time: attendance required (less than 15 hours per week)

Overseas students must attend full time courses.

Part-time study is suitable for students who are educated otherwise than at school, for external candidates and independent learners


Tutorials are arranged in groups (not exceeding 10) or on a one-to-one basis and home tuition


Courses within the UK education framework are offered (Keystage3, GCSE, AS, A2 and Vocational courses)

Courses for Teachers, Design and Fashion professionals are also offered at Pascals College.


All subjects that are covered within the courses are part of the UK education framework.

The College’s main focus is the provision of education and training services using technological products. The college is fully equipped with the latest hardware and software for teaching the entire academic, vocational and professional range of courses.


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