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Cambridge Assessment International Education Examination entry application form 2023 to 2024

Candidates studying independently, with a distance learning organisation or with a tutor, without formally attending an educational institution that records their attendance and makes the necessary examination arrangements on the candidate's behalf, are private candidates. Independent candidates make their own examination arrangements and learn at a pace that suits them. Candidates who choose this mode of study are not restricted to one examination board and may, therefore, take any examination with any board in any series offered by the board, as long as the subject they wish to take is available, to private candidates.



Once a private candidate has registered with an examination centre they will receive a statement of entry listing the dates and session of each written examination.

Examination clashes, on the same day at the same time, will be taken consecutively.


Access arrangements

Private candidates with special educational needs that have been documented in a formal statement of need obtained within no more than two years prior to taking the examination can make a request for an access arrangement based on the recommendation in their statement of need. The access arrangement request must be made when the application for examination entry is submitted to the centre.

In unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, granting access arrangements for; a scribe, extra writing time, is possible once medical or psychological evidence has been received by the examination centre.


Once published, candidates will receive a statement of results.

Candidates have several post result service options available; clerical check, Access to scripts, remark of script, re-moderation of coursework (to include controlled assessments and practical examinations). Post result services should be submitted, by the centre, to the board, by the 20th day in the month following publication of the results.


Certificates are available between two and three months after the publication of the examination results from the examination centre.


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