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Easter revision is designed to give students confidence by teaching them how to apply examination techniques that are proven to be successful at examination level.


e.g. Instead of trying to balance an equation that involves the complete oxidation of an alkane, knowledge of the following equation works for complete combustion of all alkanes

CxHy + (x+y)/4 O2   xCO2 + y/2 H2O

Students take one subject per week (4 day session, morning or afternoon i.e. twelve hours of study).

The sessions are intensive and the tutor will attempt to cover the entire specification for each subject.

A typical 3 hour A level Chemistry session will cover the entire organic chemistry section of all specifications.

A sample of material and techniques (mind maps for easy memory recall) will be used to encourage students to focus on the central aspects of each section of the specification and their associations.

e.g (covered in one 3 hour session).







A mock examination will be scheduled, that will allow candidates to be formally assessed on what they have learnt / revised and a report written giving details on the best short term-action that should be taken based on what was highlighted in the result of the mock examination.


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